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Overcoming the Sound Barrier

Educating Children Who Are Deaf or Hard Of Hearing in the Mainstream.

November 19,1999

Arkansas Children's Hospital

Chairman's Hall Meeting Room


Topics:  Self Esteem Builders

   Identification/Awareness of Issues and Situations of the Hard of Hearing Student 

    Accommodations Necessary to Provide Student Involvement with the Mainstream Classroom


Speaker:  Maureen Mann, M.S., LPC / Boys Town National Research                  Hospital

Ms. Mann who is hard of hearing, received her Master's degree in agency counseling with specialization in deafness in 1983 from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

This workshop is a joint project between the :       

Arkansas Association for Hearing Impaired Children  

Educational Services for the Hearing Impaired / Arkansas School for the Deaf               

Arkansas Children's Hospital / Audiology Clinic                                      

If you want more information you may contact Karen Lutrick at the Arkansas Association for Hearing Impaired Children, (501)316-2442 or email  .   Registration fee will be $25.00, box lunch and handouts are included.  School PO's are accepted.  CPE's will be offered.


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